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Havening Techniques Participant

In 2015 I completed a 2-day training in Havening Techniques, a psychosensory therapy designed to assist recovery from trauma. Since then working towards certification I have completed 30 Havening sessions of 60-90 minutes each, plus a recording of a 15-minute extract from a session to demonstrate my ability to apply the Havening Techniques.

You can read about the Havening Techniques on www.havening.org

I am seeking a participant for the final 15 minute recording required for certification.

The session will take place in my therapy room in Dublin 7 and will consist of:

  •  a discussion of the trauma or worry event you wish to work on – the discussion is not recorded.
  •  an explanation of the Havening Techniques – this discussion is not recorded.
  •  application of the Havening Techniques.  15 minutes of this is recorded, to have a video demonstration of my application ofthe technique. For your privacy during the recording we do not talk specifically about your event and memories we are working on.
  • post-Havening discussion and session ending – this discussion is not recorded.

 If you are interested in participating in this exercise and so experiencing the Havening Techniques, or if you have questions about the recording and its disposal after certification, please get in touch.

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;  tel 086 6623774.

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