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256 Swords Road

Number 256 Swords Road

Holistic Therapy Centre

256 Swords Road Holistic Therapy Centre has been open since June 2019.  I took the advice of holistic therapy centre managers elsewhere and started off slowly, taking time to find the right therapists who are trained, professional and discreet.  Whether you are coming to a therapy for your mental, emotional or physical well being, it is important your therapist is someone you can trust both in terms of being trained in the therapy they offer, as well as having ethical principles and values regarding their client work.  Over the past few months I advertised the space to rent and have spent time talking with those who are interested in bringing their practice here about their background, their training and their approach to their work. 
So far I have been joined in 256 Swords Road by:
 - an acupuncturist;
 - an analytical psychologist & psychotherapist;
 - a bioenergy healing therapist & shamanic practitioner;
 - a counsellor & psychotherapist.  
I fully expect that more therapists with a variety of training and experience will join us working here at 256 Swords Road over the coming weeks and months, so check back here for updates.  As is normal practice, there is a period of a few months before therapists are advertised on the therapy centre website.  However we will have direct contact details for all therapists on the 256 Swords Road own website after that initial settling in period.  In the meantime, if you would like to make an appointment with any of the therapists listed above please contact me either by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone / text / message to 086 6623774.  I would be more than happy to take your details and arrange for the therapist to contact you directly to set up an appointment subject to availability.
I look forward to speaking / emailing with you, Anne
22 October 2019


Welcome to my website, where I outline the counselling and psychotherapy services I offer.
Therapy rooms for rent - see under 256 Swords Road

When thinking about starting counselling or psychotherapy, you may wonder how to choose a therapist or therapy system. With the variety of therapy approaches on offer – some focus on feelings, some on thought patterns, some on behaviour etc – it can be hard to know which will be right for you. I believe it is important your therapist is able to work in a way that suits you individually, and that he or she is able to build a working relationship with you which is based on trust.

In general, your first meeting is a chance to assess if you will be comfortable working with that particular therapist. The initial session is a good opportunity for you to ask questions about therapy and the therapist's approach to your work.

I offer an initial meeting at low cost so clients can ask questions about therapy in general and my way of working in particular before starting regular sessions. In these pages you can find information about my training background and my approach to counselling and psychotherapy. You are welcome to contact me with any questions, or to arrange a meeting. See the 'Appointments' page for my office location and contact details.

Anne Doyle




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Contact me by using the form on the Appointments Page, by emailing me or by phone. All calls and emails are handled in the strictest of confidence.
See my locations on the Appointments page.
I check and respond to emails, voicemails and texts during the day from Monday to Friday.