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Working Together

I am based in256 Swords Road Holistic Therapy Centre, Santry Dublin 9
I work from an integrative humanistic perspective.  The therapeutic relationship with my client during the therapy hour is a vital tool in our work together, and helps me discover, understand and work with my client on difficulties experienced personally and in relationships with others.  I draw from different therapeutic approaches as appropriate however, my work is always grounded in a person-centered approach of respect and positive regard for the client.  Client input and feedback is a central part of our work and always welcome.  My aim is to hold a therapeutic space which is safe, respectfully challenging and empowering at the same time.  During the initial meeting, we will discuss your reason for coming to therapy, confidentiality and any questions that you have before starting.  I will take your details for background information, all information is kept strictly confidential as we will discuss in our first session.  We will usually meet on a weekly basis.  However some clients prefer to have therapy sessions fortnightly whether for financial reasons or because they prefer the longer time between meetings to reflect on the sessions and implement changes.

Areas covered include self-development, self-esteem, anger, depression, empowerment, relationships, anxiety, interpersonal change, focus and meaning, self-destructive behaviours, family members of people in addiction, grief.  I also have a particular interest in working with the following topics: gender, sexuality, suicidal thoughts, recovery from an attempted suicide, adults with a childhood history of abuse.  I work with both short-term and long-term clients, with individual clients or with groups.

Supervision group:  I have a postgraduate diploma in supervision and reflective practice, and a postgraduate diploma in group work.  At the moment I am fully occupied with therapy client work and research, however accredited and pre-accredited therapists are invited to contact me to express interest in participating in supervision groups starting in 2021.  For accredited members supervision requirements for IACP can be met either entirely or partially through group supervision.  For pre-accredited members, currently 11 of the 45 pre-accredited supervision hours can be met through group supervision.  At the moment, IACP recognise group supervision as follows: 

The maximum number in the supervision group is 6 (not including the group supervisor)and

A group of 2 meet for a minimum of 1 hour a month (this would be counted as 1 hour supervision for each member)

A group of 3 meet for a minimum of 1.5 hours a month (this would be counted as 1.5 hours supervision for each member)

A group of 4 meet for a minimum of 2 hours a month (this would be counted as 2 hours supervision for each member)

A group of 5 meet for a minimum of 2.5 hours a month (this would be counted as 2.5 hours supervision for each member)

A group of 6 meet for a minimum of 3 hours a month (this would be counted as 3 hours supervision for each member


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Contact me by using the form on the Appointments Page, by emailing me or by phone. All calls and emails are handled in the strictest of confidence.
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I check and respond to emails, voicemails and texts during the day from Monday to Friday.